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品牌Paper Clever Party
卖家Paper Clever Party
上架时间June 27, 2018
Baseball Wishes for Baby Shower Activity (20 Pack) Advice and Wish Cards for Boys Wishing Well, Birthday Memory Idea, Sprinkle – Sports Theme Event Red White and Blue (4x6 Size) Paper Clever Party

棒球们希望婴儿淋浴活动(20包)咨询和愿望牌的男孩祝福,生日记忆理念,洒 - 体育主题活动红色白色和蓝色(4x6尺寸)纸巧妙的派对

Paper Clever Party
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Baseball Wish Cards for Baby Shower: your guest will love the idea of these wishes cards an activity they can fill-in during the baby shower, child’s party activity or complete as part of a time-capsule for the guest of honor.

Premium Sports Party Supplies: 20 pack of wishes for baby cards – size 4x6 inches – professionally printed on 120 lb. matte cardstock, which is easy to personalize. Preprinted lines make it easy for everyone at the celebration to write their own thought to each phrase.

Ready to Use: handout your wish cards with baby shower games – Use as a fun way to start conversations – Part of your table décor. This set of 20 wishing baby well cards are cute enough to mix in with your sporty little slugger or gender reveal themed designs in red, white and blue colors.

Elephant Baby Shower Wishes Cards for Girls: entertain your baby shower guests with a thoughtful idea. The parents will enjoy this set of keepsake cards and they can easily be stowed away in a memory book or album for years of enjoyment. Sharing with baby as a reminder of their special day!

Created in the USA: we want to help you celebrate with clever paper things for celebrating family, friendships, life, and love. Our premium party supplies make it easy to do your celebration thing. Printed designs are crafted in the USA, that we hand pack with care in our family-owned business in PA.

棒球愿望卡为婴儿淋浴:您的客人将热爱这些愿望卡的想法,他们可以在婴儿淋浴期间填写的活动,儿童党的活动或完成作为荣誉客人的时间胶囊的一部分。|| 高级运动派对用品:20包婴儿卡愿望 - 大小4x6英寸 - 专业印在120磅哑光卡片上,易于个性化。预印线使得庆祝活动中的每个人都可以让自己的想法写入每个短语。|| 准备使用:用婴儿淋浴游戏处理您的愿望卡 - 用作开始对话的有趣方式 - 部分桌子装饰。这套20个愿望的婴儿井卡很可爱,可以用你的运动型小甩手或性别混合,透露红色,白色和蓝色的主题设计。|| 大象婴儿淋浴祝愿女孩牌:招待你的婴儿淋浴客人有一个深思熟虑的想法。父母将享受这套纪念卡,他们很容易在记忆簿或专辑中存放多年的享受。与宝宝分享作为他们特殊日子的提醒!|| 在美国创建:我们希望帮助您与聪明的纸质东西庆祝,以庆祝家庭,友谊,生活和爱情。我们的高级派对用品可以轻松完成庆祝活动。印刷设计在美国制作,我们在宾夕法尼亚州的家庭拥有商家中谨慎地手铐。


Share the joy and make memories at your baby shower. Everyone loves a thoughtful party idea, whether you are celebrating mom and baby, birthday girl or boy this set of wishes cards will help provide a lifetime of lasting memories. Whether family and friends are filling in the preprinted wishes for baby, or birthday child this set is perfect. This pack of 20 wish cards are easy, convenient, and perfect for handing out at any small or big get together. Each single card has room to wish baby well before they are even born on the blank printed lines. Wishes for baby cards are printed on 4-inch x 6-inch-thick cardstock, not glossy prints, or thin perforated sheets of paper. The uncoated matte finish is simple to write on with your favorite pen or pencil. At the end of the get together give as a gift to the new parents or birthday child. The guest of honor will cherish the keepsake wishes cards. Easily stow away in a memory album or box as a reminder of their special day, enjoying for many years to come. Favorite Ways to Use: Delight your guests and pair with other games at your baby shower or party. You can easily use advice and wishes cards as a conversation starter, part of the table decor, wishing well, time-capsule and more. Well wishes cards provide a terrific way to get your guests having fun during the baby shower, gender reveal, birthday party, or any newborn occasion you choose. Paper Clever Party products are designed and manufactured in the USA; you won’t find our wish cards anywhere else. However, you plan to celebrate it, let us help make your event even more delightful!

分享快乐并在宝宝淋浴时做回忆。每个人都喜欢一个体贴的派对想法,无论你是庆祝妈妈和宝宝,生日女孩还是男孩这套愿望卡将有助于提供持久记忆的一生。家人和朋友是否填写了婴儿的预印愿望,或者生日孩子这套是完美的。这包20个愿望卡很容易,方便,完美地发出任何小或大的聚会。每张卡片在甚至在空白印刷线上出生之前,每张牌都希望宝贝。愿望婴儿卡印在4英寸x 6英寸厚的卡片上,不光泽的印花,或薄穿孔纸。未涂层的哑光饰面很简单,用你最喜欢的笔或铅笔写入。在聚会结束时给予新父母或生日孩子的礼物。荣誉的客人将珍惜纪念品祝福卡。在记忆专辑或盒子里轻松地吸引他们的特殊日子,享受多年的享受。最喜欢的方法:让您的客人和您的婴儿淋浴或派对的其他游戏搭配。您可以轻松地使用建议和愿望卡作为谈话启动器,桌面装饰的一部分,祝福,时间胶囊等。祝愿卡片提供了一个完美的方式,让您的客人在婴儿淋浴期间获得乐趣,性别揭示,生日派对或您选择的任何新生儿。纸巧妙的派对产品是在美国设计和制造的;您不会在其他任何地方找到我们的愿望卡。但是,您计划庆祝它,让我们帮助您让您的活动更加愉快!

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