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Kitchen Chefs Knife - Chef Knives Professional 9 inch – Razor Sharp High Carbon German Steel - Foxel LYNX Series Combines Beauty with Versatility – Ergonomic Black Handle – Presentation Gift Box

厨房厨师刀 - 厨师刀专业9寸 - 剃须刀锋利的高碳德国钢 - Foxel Lynx系列结合了美容功能 - 符合人体工程学的黑色手柄 - 演示礼品盒

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EXQUISITE CHEFS KNIFE - Our beautiful 9 inch chef knife is the best cooking knife for professional chefs and anyone who appreciates perfection in performance and design. Made of highest quality German stainless steel and inspired by the finest Japanese chef knife design, Foxel’s ultra-sharp chef’s knife is among the best kitchen knives available. It is the perfect addition to a kitchen knife set. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an aspiring beginner, you’ll fall in love this top chef knife.

LOW-MAINTENANCE GERMAN STEEL -What good is a chef knife if it’s not easy to use and razor sharp? And what fun is sharpening it all the time? (No good and no fun.) That’s why we used incredibly durable 1.4116 German stainless steel. Softer than Japanese and other Asian steel, German steel is easy to hone and isn’t prone to chipping like brittle blades. It’s best for everyday use. As long as you treat it well and keep it out of the dishwasher, it will serve you for years to come (decades even)

MULTITASKING AND LONG-LASTING - As versatile as it is beautiful, this finely crafted carbon steel kitchen knife will easily handle any meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, and more. With a 29-degree edge honed by a master knife sharpener, our chef’s knife can go blade to blade with the sharpest kitchen and chef knives out there. It’s good for slicing, dicing, chopping, cutting, mincing, rocking, cubing, hashing, carving, julienning… you get the idea. This kitchen knife rocks.

IRONCLAD NO-RISK GUARANTEE - We stand behind our products 100% and we want you to love them as much as we do. Thus we offer a one-year, no-questions-asked return policy. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, simply let us know and we will either replace it or give you a full refund, whichever you prefer. Our clients’ complete satisfaction is the most important thing to us, and we will do whatever we can to make things right.

MAKES A GREAT GIFT - With its polished handle and beautifully crafted shape, the Foxel 9 inch chef knife is a functional work of art that’s perfect for men and women. Our chefs knife is shipped in a special presentation gift box that lets the recipient know even before they open it, that this is something to cherish. Ideal for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Labor Day, Arbor Day… With the Foxel chef’s knife, every day is a special occasion.

低维护德国钢 - 如果使用和剃须刀锋利,厨师刀是什么好的厨师刀?什么乐趣一直在锐化它? (没有好的,没乐趣。)这就是为什么我们使用令人难以置信的1.4116德国不锈钢。比日本和其他亚洲钢更柔软,德国钢易于磨练,不容易削减像脆性刀片。最好是每天使用。只要你把它妥善处理并将其脱离洗碗机,它将为您提供多年的时间(数十年)【】多任务和持久 - 像美观一样美观,这款精美制作的碳钢厨房刀很容易处理任何肉,鱼,水果,蔬菜等。拥有29度的边缘由一把大师刀子磨损,我们的厨师的刀可以刀片,带着锋利的厨房和厨师刀片刀片。它有助于切片,切割,切碎,切割,剁碎,摇摆,立方,哈希,雕刻,朱莲......你得到了这个想法。这种厨房刀岩。【·········铁切无风险保证 - 我们落后于我们的产品100%,我们希望您尽可能地爱他们。因此,我们提供一年,没有问题,要求退货政策。如果您因任何原因对您的购买不满意,请简单地让我们知道,我们会更换它或为您提供全额退款,无论您更喜欢。我们的客户完全满意是我们最重要的事情,我们将尽我们所能做正确的事情。【】精美的厨师刀 - 我们美丽的9英寸厨师刀是专业厨师的最佳烹饪刀,任何人都能烹饪刀性能和设计中的完美。由最优质的德国不锈钢制成,灵感来自最好的日本厨师设计,Foxel的超锋利厨师刀是最佳厨房刀。这是厨房刀具的完美补充。无论您是经验丰富的专业人士还是有抱负的初学者,你都会坠入爱河这个顶级厨师刀。【···【】凭借其抛光的手柄和精美的形状,富雪尔9寸厨师刀是一个功能性的工作艺术对男女来说是完美的。我们的厨师刀在一个特殊的演示文稿礼品盒中发货,让收件人甚至在他们打开之前知道,这是珍惜的东西。非常适合婚礼,纪念日,生日,母亲节,父亲节,劳动节,乔木日...与富克勒厨师的刀,每天都是一个特殊的场合。


If an 8 inch chef knife doesn’t quite do it for you and a 10 inch knife is more than you want (and really a little scary), the Foxel 9 inch chef knife is the perfect answer. This beautiful and versatile cooking knife is specially designed for both professional chefs and home cooks who want a superior cutting tool. Our chef’s knife is made of the highest quality 1.4116 German stainless steel, sharpened on a fine whetstone to produce a razor-sharp 29-degree edge. Because German steel is somewhat softer than Japanese steel, it’s easier to hone and isn’t prone to chipping like more brittle blades or ceramic knives. The Foxel chefs knife can be used to quickly and easily prepare meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables, from precision cutting and slicing of small foods to effortless carving of large fruits and meats. And if you’re someone who isn’t crazy about jerky and believes in eating well even in the wild (or the RV park), this sturdy knife is great for camping. Our 9 inch chef knife is protected by a one-year, no-questions-asked return policy and it makes a wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates perfection in performance and design. Whether you give it as a gift or buy it for yourself, this exquisite chef knife will retain its beauty and provide reliable and superior service for many years to come. Do you want to read about knives all day? I didn’t think so. It’s time to cook with this beautiful knife.

如果一个8英寸厨师刀不太适合你,并且一个10英寸的刀子比你想要的更多(并且真的有点可怕),Foxel 9寸厨师刀是完美的答案。这款美丽多功能的烹饪刀专为想要优越的切割工具的专业厨师和家庭厨师而设计。我们的厨师刀具由最高质量的1.4116德国不锈钢制成,削尖精美的磨刀石,以生产剃刀尖锐的29度边缘。因为德国钢比日本钢更柔软,所以它更容易磨练,不容易削减更脆弱的刀片或陶瓷刀。 Foxel Chefs刀可以用来快速,易于制备肉,鱼,水果和蔬菜,从精确切割和切片的小型食品切割,以轻松雕刻大型水果和肉类。如果你是一个对生涩并相信甚至在野外(或RV公园)吃得很好的人,那么这个坚固的刀非常适合露营。我们的9英寸厨师刀受到一年的保护,没有问题,要求退货政策,并为任何欣赏性能和设计完善的人来说,这是一个很棒的礼物。无论您是作为礼物还是为自己买的,这款精美的厨师刀是否会保留其美容,并提供多年的可靠和卓越的服务。你想整天阅读刀具吗?我不这么认为。现在是时候用这刀烹饪了。

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厨房厨师刀 - 厨师刀专业9寸 - 剃须刀锋利的高碳德国钢 - Foxel Lynx系列结合了美容功能 - 符合人体工程学的黑色手柄 - 演示礼品盒
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