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上架时间April 24, 2020
VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Crusher 440LBS/H, ETL Approved 300W Electric Snow Cone Machine with Dual Blades, Stainless Steel Shaved Ice Machine with Safety On/Off Switch for Family, Restaurants, Bars

VEVOR 110V商用冰破响器440LBS / H,ETL批准了300W电动雪锥机,带双刀片,不锈钢刨冰机带安全开/关开关,家庭,餐馆,酒吧

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Price: $273.83
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Premium Quality with ETL Certification: Different from other ice crusher, VEVOR's snow cone machine have ETL certification and are approved for commercial use. Constructed by high-quality stainless steel hopper (4.5-inch in the opening), food-grade stainless steel blades, one-piece injection-molded PC container, and non-slip feet, this ice shaver machine features unbreakable, sturdy, stable for long-term use.

Dual Blades with More Efficient: The heavy-duty stainless steel dual blades provide double efficiency comparing to the single blade machines. Also, an extra pair of blades and ice scoop is available for free. The high-power 300W copper motor ensures a high rotating speed of 1450 r/min and incredible crushing capacity of about 396lbs per hour and provides a large amount of ice for your daily and business use.

Large Capacity Box: This snowball maker machine adopts a one-piece injection-molded PC storage box, which can hold about 34L (9 gals) of shaved ice. The thickened material will keep snow ice frozen for a long time. In addition, the ice crusher is equipped a drainage hose, which will drain excess water and prevent water from leaking on surfaces.

Easy and Safe Design: The shaved ice machine is equipped with an ergonomic handle for labor-saving operation, featuring a limit switch for safety. The ON/OFF switch is waterproof, which is safe enough to operate even though your hands get wet.This shaver is suitable for making snow cones, slushies, milkshakes, yogurt freezes and other delicious frozen drinks. Perfect for Family, School, Church,Restaurants, Bars, etc.

Warranty and After-sales Service: VEVOR is committed to providing customers with premium ice crusher at reasonable prices. The model of this ice shaver offers ①30-day resend or return on quality problems or logistics damage; ②6-month warranty from the original purchase date; ③Lifetime technical service support. Customer satisfaction is our top pursuit. Our vision is to continuously innovate and improve our products based on customer suggestions as well as current industry trends.

❄【高级质量与ETL认证】与其他冰破碎机不同,VEVOR的雪锥机有ETL认证,经过批准的商业用途。由高品质不锈钢料斗(开口4.5英寸),食品级不锈钢刀片,一体式注塑式PC容器,以及防滑脚,这款冰剃须刀采用牢不可破,坚固,稳定长期使用。【】❄【双刀片】重型不锈钢双叶片提供与单刀片机相比的双重效率。此外,免费提供额外的刀片和冰铲。高功率300W铜电机确保高旋转速度为1450升/分钟,每小时约396磅的令人难以置信的压碎容量,为您的日常和商业用途提供大量冰。【】【大容量箱】滚雪球制造机采用一体式注塑式PC储物盒,可以容纳约34L(9瓦尔)的剃光冰。加厚的材料将使雪冰冷冻很长一段时间。此外,冰破碎机配有排水软管,这将沥干多余的水,防止水在表面上泄漏。【】❄【简便安全的设计】剃光冰机配备了兼人体工程学的劳动力手术,具有限位开关以供安全。 ON / OFF开关是防水的,即使您的手湿润,也足够安全。这是适合制作雪锥,泥浆,奶昔,酸奶冻结和其他美味的冷冻饮料。适合家庭,学校,教堂,餐馆,酒吧等【】【】【保修和售后服务】致力于以合理的价格为客户提供高级冰破碎机。这款冰剃须刀的型号提供①30天重新发送或回复质量问题或物流损坏; ②从原购买日期开始6个月的保修; ③提高技术服务支持。客户满意度是我们的热门追求。我们的愿景是根据客户建议以及当前的行业趋势不断创新和改善我们的产品。


Compact DesignThis ice shaver is built with food-grade stainless steel hopper and blades with thickened PC material ice storage box, featuring non-slip rubber feet. All material is sanitary and healthy. Double Cutter HeadThis snowcone machine adopts dual blades, providing double shaving speed, more efficient than the single blade. The amount of crushed ice per hour can reach 396. 8 lbs (180 kg). Ergonomic HandlePressing the handle can advance the speed of crushing ice. A limit switch is included (the snowball machine will only start running when the handle reaches a certain position). The lattice prevents splashing. Powerful Copper MotorEquipped with a 300W copper motor, ensuring the high rotating speed of 1450 rpm. It s low noise while crushing the ice. 34L Ice Storage BoxIt comes with a 9 gal (34L) one-piece injection-molded storage box. The PC housing keeps the shaved ice cool, and drain hole with the pipe for releasing the ice water. The clip-on door adopted for enhanced sealing ability. Delicious Shaved IceThe snowball machines are perfect for making milkshakes, smoothies, icy drinks, and bottom ice for seafood. Widely used in snack stands, restaurants, canteens, home gatherings, etc. Specifications Rated Power: 300W Rotating Speed: 1450 r/min Ice Crushing Capacity: 396. 8 lbs/h (180 kg/h) Ice Storage Capacity: 9 gal (34L) Product Weight: 25. 4 lbs (11. 5 kg) Product Dimensions: 18. 5"x14. 2"x33. 5" (470x360x850mm) Package Content 1 x Snow Cone Machine 1 x Extra Set of Blades 1 x Ice Scoop 1 x Stainless Steel Spoon (6cm) 3 x Sauce Bottles (700ml) 1 x Water Pipe (50cm)

Compact Designthis Ice Shaver采用食品级不锈钢料斗和带有加厚PC材料冰储存盒的刀片,采用防滑橡胶脚。所有材料都是卫生健康的。双刀头雪筒机采用双刀片,提供双剃须速度,比单刀片更有效。每小时的碎冰量可达到396.8磅(180千克)。符合人体工程学的手柄可以提高冰冰的速度。包括限位开关(雪球机只在手柄到达某个位置时开始运行)。格子可以防止溅。强大的铜搭配300W铜电机,确保高旋转速度为1450 rpm。在压碎冰的同时噪音很低。 34L冰储物盒配有9个GAL(34L)一体式注塑成型储物盒。 PC外壳使剃须冰冷,并用管道排出漏洞,以释放冰水。采用增强密封能力采用的夹式门。美味剃光的冰球机是制作奶昔,冰沙,冰冷的饮料和海鲜底冰的完美。广泛用于零食架,餐馆,食堂,家庭集合等规格额定功率:300W旋转速度:1450 r / min冰粉碎能力:396.8磅/小时(180千克/小时)冰储藏能力:9 GAL( 34L)产品重量:25. 4磅(11.5千克)产品尺寸:18. 5“X14。2”X33。 5“(470x360x850mm)包装内容1 x雪锥机1 x额外的刀片1 x冰勺1 x不锈钢勺(6cm)3 x酱瓶(700ml)1 x水管(50cm)

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VEVOR 110V商用冰破响器440LBS / H,ETL批准了300W电动雪锥机,带双刀片,不锈钢刨冰机带安全开/关开关,家庭,餐馆,酒吧
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