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Mpow Car Wireless Charger, Qi Car Charger 10W/7.5W/5W, Auto-Clamping Wireless Car Charger, Air Vent Mount, Phone Car Holder Compatible/w iPhone 12/ Pro/Pro max/ 11 Pro, Galaxy Note 20/S20, etc

MPOM汽车无线充电器,齐汽车充电器10W / 7.5W / 5W,自动夹紧无线车载充电器,通风架,手机架兼容/ W iPhone 12 / Pro / Pro Max / 11 Pro,Galaxy Note 20 / S20,等等

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QI FAST CHARGING &WIDE COMPATIBILITY: The wireless car charger intelligently identify and charges your device with the fast speed. It provides 10W fast charging for Galaxy S20+/S20/Note 10+/Note 10/S10+/S10; 7.5W for iPhone 12 Pro Max/12 pro/12/12 Mini/11 Pro Max/11 Pro/11/Xs Max/XS/X/XR/8 Plus/8 (Please pull down the foot support by 2 gears for 12/12 Pro and 4 gears for iPhone 12 Pro Max); 5W for other wireless charging-enabled devices (Note: QC3.0/2.0 adapter is needed for 10W/7.5W fast charging).

EASY INSTALL & ULTRA-STABLE: The Mpow Car phone Mount features an upgraded vent clip, Boasting twist-lock system and anti-slip hook, which is easy to install and operate, and can be fixed without falling even on uneven ground. Made of high-temperature resistant PC and glass fiber materials, the clip is not easy to deform after long-term use.

AUTOMATIC CLAMPING & POWER STORAGE: This smart car mount can simply slide your phone into the phone holder. The wireless car charger will automatically clamp when phone is dropped in with the cable connection. even if you turn off the car engine, you can still open the arms and retrieve your phone with the inside supercapacitor.

CASE FRIENDLY & 360-DEGREE ROTATION: The car phone holder charges through a case that is thinner than 4mm (0.2in). It has 2 telescopic feet, so you can lower them to keep your phone's charging coil aligned with the charger's coil for efficient wireless charging. Featuring a 360° ball head, the air vent car phone mount holder allows you to set your phone at any angle, either in portrait or landscape orientation.

SAFE CHARGING & FOREIGN OBJECT DETECTION: The car wireless charger will stop charging and the red light flashes to alarm while there is a metal substance between phone and charger. It also provide overcurrent, overheat, over-voltage, and short circuit protection to ensure charging safety.

QI快速充电宽度兼容性:无线汽车充电器智能识别并以快速速度对您的设备充电。它为Galaxy S20 + / S20 /注/注10 / S10 + / S10提供10W快速充电。 7.5W的iPhone 12 Pro的最大/ 12 PRO / 12/12迷你/ 11 Pro的最大/ 11的Pro / 11 / XS最大/ XS / X / XR / 8加/ 8(请拉下脚通过2个齿轮12支持/ 12 pro和4齿轮,适用于iphone 12 pro max); 5W用于其他无线充电的设备(注意:10W / 7.5W快速充电需要QC3.0 / 2.0适配器)。|| 简易安装超稳定:本Mpow车载电话安装功能的升级发泄剪辑,风雨桥扭锁系统和防滑钩,这是很容易安装和操作,并且可以不固定在不平的地面,甚至下降。由耐高温的PC和玻璃纤维材料制成,长期使用后夹子不易变形。|| 自动夹紧电源存储:此智能车载架可以简单地将手机滑入手机架。使用电缆连接时,无线车充电器将自动夹紧电话。即使你关掉汽车发动机,你也可以打开手臂并用内部超级电容器检索手机。|| 案例友好的360度旋转:汽车电话机通过比4mm更薄的情况(0.2英寸)电荷。它有2个伸缩脚,因此您可以降低它们以保持手机的充电线圈与充电器的线圈对齐,以便有效无线充电。空气通风车手机支架均配有360°球头,允许您以任何角度设置手机,无论是肖像还是横向。|| 安全充电异物检测:汽车无线充电器将停止充电,红灯闪烁到警报,而手机和充电器之间有金属物质。它还提供过流,过热,过电压和短路保护,以确保充电安全性。


Q1: Will this charge while having an otter box cover or pop holder on the phone? A1: No. The induction distance between the wireless car charger and the smartphone cannot exceed 4mm. Thick phone cases and pop holder will interfere with the wireless charging. Q2: Will this provide 10W fast charging for the Pixel 3? A2:Yes. It’s also working for these phones: iPhone 8/8 Plus/X/XS/XS Max/XR/11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max Xperia Z3v(D6708)/XZ2/XZ2 Premium/X23 G2/G3/G6/G6+/G7/G7 ThinQ/G7+ ThinQ/G8/G8 ThinQ/V30/V30+/V35/V40 ThinQ/V50/V50 ThinQ/LG Lucid2(VS780)/LG Optimus FS(AS780)/Optimus Vu 3/Optimus G Pro/Optimus VC11/Optimus LTF/Stectrum 2 Nole 5/7/PE/8/9/10; S7 Edget/S8/S8+/S8 Active/S9/S9+/S10/S10e/S10 SG/S10+/S20 Series Pixel 3/3XL/4/4XL Q3: When I turn off the vehicle(car power), can the holder's arm be released automatically or manually, so I can take my phone out? A3: Yes, you can remove your phone by pressing the side buttons after the vehicle is off. (It is recommended to remove the phone immediately, or the arm will not work due to the delay). Q4:Does this charger turns off when the car engine is turned off? Will it drain my car battery if left plugged in? A4:No. When the car engine is turned off, the charger will also be turned off and the power supply will be disconnected. Q5:Is there a USB-C connector at one end of the cable and a USB-A connector at the other end? Is the USB-A end plugged into the power adapter? A5: Yes. Plug the USB-A end of the cable into the power supply, and the USB-C end of the cable into the car mount. Q6:What is the point of wireless charging? You still need to plug in the mount. What am I missing? A6: The phone is wirelessly charged through the mount, but you still need to draw external power via cable. You don't have to finagle to hook up your phone to a cord every time or worry about the port being damaged.

Q1:在手机上有水獭盒盖或弹出架的同时,此电荷是否会?A1:否。无线车充电器和智能手机之间的感应距离不能超过4mm。厚手机箱和POP持有人会干扰无线充电。 Q2:这将为像素3提供10W快速充电吗? A2:是的。它还为这些手机工作:iPhone 8/8 Plus / X / XS / XS MAX / XR / 11/11 Pro / 11 Pro Max Xperia Z3V(D6708)/ XZ2 / XZ2 Premium / X23 G2 / G3 / G6 / G6 + / G7 / G7 Thinq / G7 +薄铜/ G8 / G8薄膜/ v30 / v30 + / V35 / V40薄糖型/ v50 / v50薄铜/ Lg Lucid2(VS780)/ LG Optimus FS(AS780)/ Optimus VU 3 / Optimus G Pro / Optimus VC11 / Optimus LTF / Stectrum 2 Nole 5/7 / PE / 8/9 / 10; S7 EDGET / S8 / S8 + / S8 Active / S9 / S9 + / S10 / S10E / S10 SG / S10 + / S20系列像素3 / 3xL / 4/4XL Q3:当我关掉车辆(汽车电源)时,持有人的手臂可以自动或手动释放,所以我可以把手机拿出来? A3:是的,您可以通过在车辆关闭后按侧面按钮卸下手机。 (建议立即卸下手机,或者手臂由于延迟而无法正常工作)。 Q4:当汽车发动机关闭时,此充电器是否已关闭?如果左插入,它会耗尽我的汽车电池吗? A4:没有。关闭车发动机时,电源器也将关闭,电源将断开。 Q5:电缆一端是否有USB-C连接器,另一端的USB-A连接器? USB-A端插入电源适配器吗? A5:是的。将电缆的USB-A末端插入电源,电缆的USB-C端进入汽车支架。 Q6:无线充电点是什么?您仍然需要插入挂载。我错过了什么? A6:手机通过安装无线充电,但您仍需要通过电缆绘制外部电源。每次都要担心港口损坏,您无需FinAgle即可将手机连接到绳索。

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MPOM汽车无线充电器,齐汽车充电器10W / 7.5W / 5W,自动夹紧无线车载充电器,通风架,手机架兼容/ W iPhone 12 / Pro / Pro Max / 11 Pro,Galaxy Note 20 / S20,等等
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