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上架时间March 16, 2021
USB Type C Charger for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra/S21/S21+/S20 FE/Ultra 5G S20+ Note 21/20 Ultra/20/10/10+, Google Pixel 5/5XL/4a 5G/4a/4XL/4/3a, 2.1A Fast Charging Block Box with 6ft USB C Cable Cord

USB Type C Charger适用于三星Galaxy S21 Ultra / S21 / S21 + / S20 Fe / Ultra 5G S20 +注21/20 Ultra / 20/10 / 10 +,Google Pixel 5 / 5XL / 4A 5G / 4A / 4XL / 4 / 3A, 2.1A带6FT USB C电缆线的快速充电块盒

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❤【Universal Compatibility】Fast Charging Type-C Cord for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra/S21+/S21/S20 FE/S20/S20 Ultra 5G/S20+,Note21/20 Ultra/20/20 Plus,Note 10(Lite/ plus)/10+/9/8,A51 A71 A21 A01 A11 A20 A20e A10e A80 A70 A50 A40 A30 A90,S10e/S10 Edge/S10 plus/S10/S9/S8, M11,Tab S6 Lite; Google Pixel 5/5XL/4a 5G/4a/4XL/4,3a XL/3a/3/3XL,2XL/2/XL/C,Nexus 5x 6p; Moto One 5G,G 5G Plus,G9 Plus,G7 G8 (Plus, Power, Play) X4 G6 Z4 Z3 Play; OnePlus 8 7T Pro/7T/7 Pro/6/6T

❤【Smart Dual Port Fast Charger Block】Certified by CE, FCC, RoHS and UL.Output with total current 5V/2.1A and input with 100-240V.Intelligent recognition of IC technology,with 2 hi-speed USB ports to charge your devices,automatic identification of mobile devices and matching the best current output.When the cell phone battery is full, the usb charging plug will automatically stop charging.(NOTE: It’s a fast charger box when charge one phone, dual usb port share 2.1A when charge 2 Android phones)

❤【6ft Sturdy Braided USB Type C Cable】The Type C Charging Cable ensures a maximum charging speed up to 2.4A, transfers data at 480Mbps via USB 2.0.USB-C cable is covered with quality nylon braided textile and reinforced by an aluminum shield and can bear 10000+ bending test. With the 6ft length, is long enough for you to lie on the bed and use your devices while you are charging at the same time. Allow you to be used freely in the living room, office, and even in the backseat of your car.

❤【Compact Design Charging Cube】Lightweight, compact, portable chargers let you use it freely. Lightweight Design of Powerful Charger Adapter to easy carry in your pocket or bag.And compact size plug-in adapter only occupies 2 wall socket which is a nice outlet saver.

❤【Package &18 Month Warranty】We provide 2* USB Plug Cube Fast Charger Box + 2* USB Type C Cables (White),as well as 18-Month Warranty and friendly 24/7 customer service.

【通用兼容性】三星Galaxy S21超/ S21 + / S21 / S20 FE / S20 / S20超5G / S20 +,Note21 / 20超/ 20/20加上,注10(Lite / Plus)/ 10 + / 9/8,A51 A71 A21 A01 A10 A20 A20 A10E A20 A90 A20 A30 A30 A20 A90 A30 A30 A90,S10E / S10 EDGE / S10 PLUS / S10 / S9 / S8,M11,TAB S6 Lite; Google Pixel 5 / 5xL / 4A 5G / 4A / 4XL / 4,3A XL / 3A / 3 / 3XL,2xL / 2 / XL / C,Nexus 5X 6P; Moto一个5G,G 5G Plus,G9 Plus,G7 G8(加上,电源,播放)X4 G6 Z4 Z3游戏; OnePlus 8 7T Pro / 7T / 7 Pro / 6/6T || ❤【智能双端口快速充电器块】通过CE,FCC,RoHS和UL.Output使用总电流5V / 2.1A和输入,输入100-240V.Intelligent识别IC技术,其中2个Hi-Speed USB端口充电设备,自动识别移动设备并匹配最佳电流输出。当手机电池已满时,USB充电插头将自动停止充电。(注意:充电一部手机时,这是一个快速充电器,双USB端口共享2.1A充电2个Android手机)|| ❤【6FT坚固编织USB型C电缆】C型充电电缆可确保最大充电速度高达2.4A,通过USB 2.0.USB-C电缆将数据传输为480Mbps,用优质尼龙编织纺织品覆盖,由铝制盾构加固并且可以承受10000+弯曲测试。随着6英尺长,足以让你躺在床上,并在你同时充电时使用你的设备。让您在客厅,办公室,甚至在汽车的后座中自由使用。|| 【紧凑型设计充电立方体】轻巧,紧凑,便携式充电器让您自由使用。轻质设计强大的充电器适配器,易于携带口袋或包包。紧凑型尺寸插件适配器只占用2个墙壁插座,这是一个很好的出口储蓄。|| ❤【包装18个月保修】我们提供2 * USB插头立方体快速充电器盒+ 2 * USB型C电缆(白色),以及18个月的保修和友好的全天候客户服务。


5V/2.1A USB Power Adapter Fast Charging Block with Type C Cable Cord ①USB Wall Charger Box: -Wall Charger Material: Plastic outer shell -Charging Block USB Output: Two USB Port -USB Box Input: AC100-240V -Charging Plug Output: DC 5V-2.1A ②Fast Charging Type-c Cord: Material: Tangle-Free Nylon Braided Charging speed: 2.4A Maximum Connector: USB Type-C (reversible) Length: 6ft Dual Port Charger Block: ✔ Charge up to 7% faster than the general charger. ✔Made of high-quality fireproof material, with IC chip inside, which can against over-current,over-charge,and over-heat. ✔ Certified by CE, FCC, RoHS, and UL ✔ Automatically stop charging when the battery is full. ✔Pocket-size design, lightweight, compact, portable and stylish Portable Cubes let you easy to store and found. 6ft USB Type C Fast Charger Cable: ✔Safety and Durability: USB C Charging Cables are covered with quality nylon braided textile and reinforced by the aluminum shield.Durability up to 10000+ bend lifespan. ✔High Speed Charge & Sync: High-speed fast charging at 2.4A Maximum.Data Hi-speed Transfer and Power Charging 2 in 1.Hi-speed Data Sync, data transfer speed up to 480Mbps. Fast C Charger Kit Compatible with: -Samsung Galaxy Note 21/20 Ultra/20/20 Plus/10 Lite/10 plus/10/10+/9/8/7 -Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+/S21 Ultra/S20 FE/S20/S20 Ultra 5G/S20/S20+/S10e/S10/S10+/S10 plus/S9/S9 plus/S8(plus,active) -Samsung Galaxy A22 5G/A22/A32/A12/A52/A72/A21s/A21/A51/A71/A01/A11/A10e/A80/A20/A50/A90/M11 -Google Pixel 5/4a/4XL/4,3a XL/3a/3/3XL,2XL/2/XL/C,Nexus 5x 6p -LG: Stylo 6 5+ 5 5X 4/V60 ThinQ/V50 V30S G9 G8S G8X G8 G7 G6 G5 V30 V20 V35 V40 ThinQ/Q7/Q8 -Motorola: Moto One 5G,G 5G Plus,G9 Plus,G7 G8 (Plus, Power, Play)/G7 supra/G6/G6 Plus/Z/Z Force/Z2/Z2 force/Z3/Z3 Play Force/Z4/Z4 force/X4/G(stylus,power) -OnePlus 9/8/8 pro/7T Pro/7T/ 7 Pro/6T/6/5T -Other C port devices

5V / 2.1A USB电源适配器快速充电块采用C型电缆线①USB墙壁充电器盒:-WALL充电器材料:塑料外壳 - 充电块USB输出:两个USB端口-USB盒输入:AC100-240V-充带插头输出: DC 5V-2.1A②快速充电型号:材质:无缠结尼龙编织充电速度:2.4A最大连接器:USB Type-C(可逆)长度:6FT双端口充电器块:✔充电高达7%速度比一般充电器。 ✔制造高质量的防火材料,内部IC芯片,可抵抗过流,过度充电和过热。 ✔CE,FCC,ROHS认证,UL✔当电池已满时自动停止充电。 ✔尺寸设计,轻巧,紧凑,便携式和时尚的便携式立方体让您易于存储并找到。 6FT USB型C快速充电器电缆:✔安全性和耐用性:USB C充电电缆覆盖着质量尼龙编织纺织品,由铝制盾构加固。耐高采烈地达到10000+弯曲寿命。 ✔高速电荷同步:高速快速充电2.4A最高速度充电.DATA高速传输和电源充电2在1.提高数据同步,数据传输速度高达480Mbps。 FAST C充电器套件兼容:-Samsung Galaxy Note 21/20 Ultra / 20/20 Plus / 10 Lite / 10 Plus / 10/10 + / 9 / 8/7 -Samsung Galaxy S21 / S21 + / S21 Ultra / S20 Fe / S20 / S20超5G / S20 / S20 + S10 PLUS / S9 / S9 PLUS / S8(PLUS,ACTIVE)-SAMSUNG GALAXY A22 5G / A22 / A32 / A12 / A52 / A72 / A21S / A21 / A51 / A71 / A01 / A11 / A10E / A80 / A20 / A50 / A90 / M11 -Google Pixel 5 / 4A / 4XL / 4,3A XL / 3A / 3 / 3XL,2XL / 2 / XL / C,Nexus 5X 6P -LG:款式6 5+ 5 5 X 4 / V60 Thinq / V50 V30S G9 G8S G8X G8 G7 G6 G5 V30 V20 V35 V40 The V37 / Q8 -Motorola:Moto一5G,G 5G Plus,G9 Plus,G7 G8(加上,动力,播放)/ G7 SUPRA / G6 / G6加/ Z / Z力/ Z2 / Z2力/ Z3 / Z3播放力/ Z4 / Z4力/ X4 / G(触控笔,电源)-oneplus 9/8/8 Pro / 7T Pro / 7T / 7 Pro / 6T / 6/5T-Tother C端口设备

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USB Type C Charger适用于三星Galaxy S21 Ultra / S21 / S21 + / S20 Fe / Ultra 5G S20 +注21/20 Ultra / 20/10 / 10 +,Google Pixel 5 / 5XL / 4A 5G / 4A / 4XL / 4 / 3A, 2.1A带6FT USB C电缆线的快速充电块盒
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