Our advantage

The iSellerPal core team members come from the top domestic and foreign Internet companies such as the Chinese University of Science and Technology, the top universities in the United States, Microsoft Asia Research Institute, HKUST, and Alibaba, and have exclusive patent algorithms for cross-border e-commerce.

35 %

Top AI team and exclusive patented algorithm comprehensively improve advertising ROI

85 %

Improve operating efficiency and save operating time

30 %

Improve store performance

Reverse Keywords

One-click anti-search for keywords of competing products, help sellers quickly select words and analyze;

Optimize listing and PPC keywords efficiently;

The data is updated in real time every week to ensure the timeliness and availability of keywords;

Accurately count keyword types, locations, search popularity and results, and provide word frequency analysis functions

Comment Analysis

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of competing products reflected by buyers in the reviews, and optimize your own products

Analyze the product attribute words (colors, styles, etc.) in the reviews to provide reference for product selection and stocking

Analyze the user's comment time, you can find the peak season of merchandise sales, provide sellers with seasonal stocking and promotion time reference.

Competitive Product Tracking

Monitor indicators such as title, BSR ranking, five-point description, number of comments, QA number, price, etc.

Monitor any keyword ranking of yourself or competing products

Horizontal comparison of product information to quickly write and optimize listing

Historical changes are tracked throughout, and competing products can be seen at a glance

Keyword Library

By establishing a keyword corpus of fixed categories, you can save you a lot of time, improve keyword optimization efficiency and increase advertising return.

Cross-border e-commerce seller's preferred tool, unprecedented efficiency improvement

Our users are located in many developed regions of cross-border e-commerce in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, etc.

Use iSellerPal to cross-border and easily play with Amazon operations
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