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Olive Oil Can Dispenser Drizzler Cruet 18/8 Stainless Steel Kitchen Cooking Oil Jar Storage Container Canister Pourer with Drip Free Spout 0.5 Quart/17 Oz Rainbow Mirror Finish

橄榄油可以分配器Drizzler Cruet 18/8不锈钢厨房烹饪油罐储存集装箱罐浇注带滴水喷口0.5夸脱/ 17盎司彩虹镜面

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MORE SAFE FOR YOU - Our olive oil can is made of 18/8 stainless steel materials, ideal for storing and keeping the coking oil fresh, and the oil is protected from light. This is a wonderful addition to a kitchen, especially if you cooking with vegetable oil everyday. This gives you a controlled pour, you won't over-oil anymore. Goose neck design, excellent for pouring oil whether in a wok or a pan or best dressing for salad. Buy this olive oil dispenser bottle for your safe cooking.

DRIP FREE | STURDY TECHNOLOGY - Very nicely made and durable oil dispenser and olive oil bottle. No seams to leak. No leaks out of the lid during pouring from a full can either. The handle is sturdy and the weld is good. The cap fits precisely. Drip free oil bottle, perfect for using daily. Please don't fill the can to capacity. The sudden increase in air pressure from putting the tight-fitting lid on quickly can cause oil to spurt out the spout.

APPEARANCE IS UNBEATABLE - No messy oily kitchen again! Beautiful and perfectly functional. Extremely attractive design looks great in your modern kitchen! The shiny stainless steel oil canister is beautiful out on the counter or tabletop. Best solution for pouring cooking oil and you will enjoy your cooking with it everyday! Perfect for olive oil, fish oil, soy sauce, coconut oil, oil vinegar, sesame oil, avocado oil, almond oil dispenser.

CONVENIENT TO USE AND WASH - The opening at the top of the olive oil cruets is large enough to fill without a funnel. Oil can go exactly where you want it with complete control of the drizzle. Oil can be added without a funnel or any worry of spillage during filling. It's much prettier than a glass bottle, also much better than all of the plastic products that have flooded this category. A kitchen material container, used for food jar, or stainless steel food storage.

PERFECT GIFT - Whether you are purchasing a cooking oil dispenser for yourself or as gift you will love the product you receive. Pouring oil or any liquid often becomes messy. With this bottle, forget those days. The dripless pour from this oil can will make no mess. Thanks to its lively contemporary design, it also serves as tasteful decor for your kitchen or dining room.

更安全为您 - 我们的橄榄油可以由18/8不锈钢材料制成,非常适合存放和保持焦化油清新,而油则免受光线保护。这是一个厨房的精彩补充,特别是如果您每天用植物油烹饪。这让您受到了受控的倒,您不会再装。鹅颈部设计,优异的浇筑油,无论是在锅还是锅或沙拉最好的敷料。购买这款橄榄油分配器瓶装,为您的安全烹饪。【】免费|坚固的技术 - 非常好的制造和耐用的油分配器和橄榄油瓶。没有接缝泄漏。从完整倾倒时,盖子也没有泄漏。手柄坚固,焊缝很好。盖子精确地适合。滴灌油瓶,完美使用每天。请不要将罐头填补到容量。空气压力突然增加,迅速地将紧密盖子放在迅速上会导致油喷出喷口。【】外观是无与伦比的 - 再次没有凌乱的油腻厨房!美丽而完美的功能。非常有吸引力的设计在您的现代化厨房看起来很棒!闪亮的不锈钢油罐在柜台或桌面上美丽。浇筑烹饪油的最佳解决方案,您将每天享受您的烹饪!适用于橄榄油,鱼油,酱油,椰子油,油醋,芝麻油,鳄梨油,杏仁油分配器。【】使用和洗涤方便 - 橄榄油裂缝顶部的开口足够大没有漏斗的填充。油可以完全究竟在哪里,完全控制毛毛雨。可以在没有漏斗的情况下添加油或填充过程中溢出的任何担忧。它比玻璃瓶更漂亮,比所有淹没这种类别的塑料制品也要好多了。厨房原料容器,用于食品罐,或不锈钢食品储存。【】】完美的礼物 - 无论您是为自己购买烹饪油类或礼物,您是否会喜欢您收到的产品。浇注油或任何液体通常变得凌乱。用这个瓶子,忘了那些日子。从这种油中浇注的滴水性能不会混乱。由于其热闹的现代设计,它的厨房或用餐室也可以作为雅致的装饰。


Color: Rainbow Material: Food Grade 18/8 stainless steel. Mirror finish surface. Measurement: Length x Width x Height: 6.9 x 3.3 x 6.1 inch. Weight: 6.9 oz. Capacity: 17 oz / 500 ml / 0.5 quart -Don't fill the can to capacity. The sudden increase in air pressure from putting the tight-fitting lid on quickly can cause oil to spurt out the spout. -Dry with a cotton towel immediately after washing. -Avoid using steel wool, steel scouring pads or harsh detergents. -Olive oil should be stored in a cool, dry, dark cupboard, away from the heat and light. -Choose a spot in the kitchen that’s away from the oven. The best temperature for storing oil is 57 degrees, though room temperature, or 70 degrees, is also okay. -For a longer shelf life, don’t store oil in direct sunlight.

颜色:彩虹材料:食品级18/8不锈钢。镜面表面表面。测量:长度x宽度x高度:6.9 x 3.3 x 6.1英寸。重量:6.9盎司。容量:17盎司/ 500毫升/ 0.5夸脱 - 不填充能力。气压突然增加,从迅速推动紧密盖盖会导致油喷出喷口。 - 洗完后立即与棉毛巾。 - - 避免使用钢羊毛,钢制填充垫或苛刻的洗涤剂。 - ololive油应储存在凉爽,干燥,黑暗的橱柜中,远离热和光。 - 在远离烤箱的厨房里的斑点。储存油的最佳温度为57度,虽然室温或70度,也可以。 - 寿命更长,不要在阳光下储存油。

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橄榄油可以分配器Drizzler Cruet 18/8不锈钢厨房烹饪油罐储存集装箱罐浇注带滴水喷口0.5夸脱/ 17盎司彩虹镜面
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