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Insulated Lunch Bag for Women/Men - Reusable Lunch Box for Office Work School Picnic Beach - Leakproof Cooler Tote Bag Freezable Lunch Bag with Adjustable Shoulder Strap for Kids/Adult - Flamingo

绝缘午餐袋适用于女性/男性 - 办公室工作的可重复使用午餐盒野餐海滩 - 防漏凉爽手提袋袋免费午餐包与可调节的肩带(儿童/成人)

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THERMAL INSULATED: Lining with Eco-friendly EVA material, interior padded with 5mm thicken insulation pearl foam, protect with 300D polyester & composite tarpaulin outer fabric, Tiblue lunch box is designed with triple Insulated to keep food stay cold/warm/fresh for hours, perfect for on-the-go meals, picnics, road trips, lunch at the office, the school, the beach and more!

LEAKPROOF & WATERPROOF: Extra thick soft EVA liner and the heat-welded seams to guard against leaks and easy to clean. If sauce spills inside, just wipe it off with wet cloth or napkins. Premium composite waterproof fabric is resistant to dirty and abrasion, protecting your lunch and items inside from occasional splatters or light rain.

SPACIOUS & MULTI COMPARTMENTS: Tiblue lunch bag (10 x 6.7 x 8 inch) is designed for maximum storage efficiency, 1 main zipped compartment, 1 front zippered pocket, 1 back pocket, 2 mesh pockets and 1 internal mesh pocket, not only provides you with plenty of space to pack all of your food and snacks you need whole day, as well as pack your keys, cards, phone chargers, napkins, water bottles, utensils, gum or other small stuffs you daily needs.

CONVENIENT & PORTABLE: Tiblue reusable lunch box features one reinforced handle on top and comes with a removable and adjustable shoulder which can be adjusted from 15" to 27" when carrying offer you more carrying options. Padded soft strap ensures comfortable carry. Wide opening design makes it convenient to fill and take food. Modern and lightweight design (only 12 oz) is convenient to be used as your lunch bag, cooler bag, picnic bag, sundry bag or shopping bag.

SAFE & DURABLE MATERIALS: Tiblue Insulated Lunch Bag is made FREE from PVC, BPA, phthalate, and lead materials. Premium reinforced metal SBS dual zippers, secure zipper closure and metal buckle ensure smooth open, rip-resistant and maximum durability. Our factories follow a strict set of specifications and quality standards, however, if a problem develops, we will provide you with the best solution!

热绝缘:带环保型EVA材料,内部衬垫带5mm加厚绝缘珍珠泡沫,用300d涤纶复合耳蛋白外壳,Tiblue午餐盒采用三层绝缘,保持食物冷热/温暖/新鲜几个小时,完美对于On-The---the-the-Go-Trop旅行,办公室午餐,学校,海滩和更多!【·························防水:超厚软伊娃衬垫和热焊缝防止泄漏且易于焊接干净的。如果酱汁溢出,请用湿布或餐巾擦拭。优质复合防水织物耐脏磨损,保护您的午餐和物品免受偶尔的泼溅或小雨。【】宽度多舱:Tiblue午餐袋(10 x 6.7 x 8英寸)专为最大存储效率而设计,1主要拉链舱,1个前拉链口袋,1个背面口袋,2目的口袋和1个内部网袋,不仅为您提供充足的空间,可以全天收拾所有食物和小吃,以及打包钥匙,卡片,手机充电器,餐巾纸,水瓶,器具,口香糖或其他小东西。【·······}方便便携:Tiblue可重复使用的午餐盒顶部有一个加固手柄,可从可拆卸和可调节的肩部调节携带更多携带选择时,15“至27”。衬垫软带确保舒适携带。开放式设计方便填充和携带食物方便。现代和轻巧的设计(仅限12盎司)可方便用作您的午餐包,凉爽袋,野餐包,阳​​光袋或购物袋。【】安全耐用材料:Tiblue绝缘午餐包由PVC,BPA提供,邻苯二甲酸盐和铅材料。优质加固金属SBS双拉链,安全拉链封闭和金属扣确保光滑,抗撕裂和最大耐用性。我们的工厂遵循严格的规格和质量标准,但是,如果问题开发,我们将为您提供最好的解决方案!


Living in a busy life, are you tired of buying your lunch from the food truck outside your workplace each day? Are you still wasting money and time to go out to eat? No more costly fast food for you or your family! ★Durable Construction : Made of high quality material, durable, waterproof and leakproof, rip-resistant and maximum durability. ★Dual Zippers: Premium reinforced metal SBS dual zippers, secure zipper closure and metal buckle ensure smooth open. ★Reusable:Load-shaking Test Report shows that lunch tote bag can bear more than 5,000+ times irregular machine shaking continuously when the lunch bag loaded 22lb(10kg) ★Reject Fast Food:Tiblue premium insulated lunch tote bag let you and your family start their life of the convenient diet! You don’t have to buy your lunch from outside. ★Keep fresh: Interior with thick thermal insulation wall to keep food cold/warm/fresh for hours. It can be used at work, at school and at any free time. The style is suitable for picnic, street shopping, dinner, class study, outdoor travel, office work, etc. ★Detachable & adjustable shoulder strap and padded handle ensure you more comfortable carrying options. Easy to free your hands once switch to a shoulder bag. ★Spacious & Numerous Pockets: Two main compartments for large amount of meal, food, drinks, snacks for the entire day, two side pockets for water bottles and four extra pockets for keys, cards & extra stuffs.

生活在忙碌的生活中,你是否厌倦了每天从工作场所外的食品卡车购买午餐?你还在浪费金钱和时间去吃饭吗?对您或您的家人不再昂贵的快餐! ★耐用结构:采用优质材料,耐用,防水和防漏,抗撕裂和最大耐用性。 ★双拉链:高档钢筋金属SBS双拉链,安全拉链封闭和金属扣保确保光滑开放。 ★可重复使用:装载试验报告显示,午餐袋袋可以承受超过5,000多次不规则的机器在午餐袋装载22lb(10kg)★拒绝快餐:Tiblue高级绝缘午餐手提包让您和您的家人开始他们的生活方式饮食!你不必从外面买午饭。 ★保持新鲜:内部与厚的保温墙,保持食物冷/温/新鲜小时。它可以在工作,学校和任何空闲时间使用。风格适用于野餐,街头购物,晚餐,课程学习,户外旅行,办公用作等。易于释放你的手一旦切换到肩包。 ★宽敞的袋子:两个主要隔间,用于大量的膳食,食品,饮料,整天零食,两侧喷水瓶和四个额外的钥匙口袋,卡额外的东西。

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